4 Trivia Questions about the O.J. Simpson Car Chase

On June 17th, 1994, after refusing to surrender to authorities in connection with his wife's murder, O.J. Simpson took off in a white Ford Bronco, pursued by police. How much do you know about history's most famous car chase?


What National Chain Reported Record Sales the Day of the O.J. Simpson Car Chase? # O.J. Simpson photographed in 1990, 4 years before he was charged with murder. The O.J. Simpson car chase had everyone in America glued to their TV sets, and on the west coast, they were glued to their sets during dinner time. Explained Tim McIntyre, VP of corporate communications for Domino's pizza, "People were so enthralled by the bizarre nature of what was happening, they didn't want to miss a moment, so instead of going out to dinner or making dinner, many people ordered pizza." In fact, so many people ordered pizza that Domino's recorded record sales for the day, sales rivaling the numbers they usually do during the Super Bowl. Domino's has grown in the more than 20 years since, and they've set new records and, if you're curious, no they don't think the reason they've grown has anything to do with the publicity they gained that day. "Other than our being mentioned in the media on every 10th anniversary of this odd event, it had no impact on our brand whatsoever," he said. "We're certainly not going to give O.J. Simpson any credit for the success we enjoy in our global brand today. It was a bizarre blip, and nothing more."

Who Was Playing in Game 5 of the NBA Finals When the Car Chase Happened? June 17, 1994, was a big day in sports, and not just because a former star running back was wanted for murder. Arnold Palmer was playing his last U.S. Open round ever, the Rangers were celebrating their recent Stanley Cup victory with a parade, Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 30th home run which tied Babe Ruth's record for most homers hit before June 30th, and oh yeah, the World Cup was starting. Add to all that that the chase interrupted game 5 of the NBA Finals (Knicks-Rockets). NBC put the game in a box in the corner of the screen while Tom Brokaw covered the car chase.


Name Five Incriminating Items Found in the Car When the Chase Ended? # We really hope this is what O.J. was planning to wear to make it by airport security. At one point in the car chase, O.J. Simpson said, in a phone conversation with LAPD Detective Tom Lange, "you let the police know, you let them all know, I wasn't running." This would be a tough sell when police finally discovered what was in the car: fake facial hair, makeup adhesive, clothes, Simpson's passport and a gun. And his friend driving the car, Al Cowlings, had just shy of $10,000 cash in his pocket.

At One Point, "Porn King" Michael Pulwer Became Somewhat Famous for Owning What O.J.-Related Item? It's been a bit tough keeping track of what's happened to the White Bronco since it's time on the air. Multiple people have owned it, not all of them identifiable. But we do know that, for a time, the car was owned by Michael Pulwer, a collector and one-time friend of Cowlings and Simpson. Pulwer, who was once described by his cousin as "a porn king," made his fortune in the adult film industry. Pulwer said 5-10 times a year, people would ask if they could rent the Bronco for weddings or similar occasions. Which is pretty disturbing when you think about it. It's even gone on display at the Luxor in Vegas. "I think someday, somebody will want to have it in a museum of famous or infamous cars," Pulwer said. Makes sense. If you're going to have a museum featuring famous or infamous cars, it would be really hard not to include O.J. Simpson's white Ford Bronco.

Where were you when the O.J. chase was going on? Tell us what you remember in the comments below.

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